Medical Tourism In Serbia – Eye Surgery At Award Winning Hospital In Belgrade

The Cannes Retinal Festival, the 24th annual ASRS meeting and the 6th annual EVRS meeting, was held on the Cote d’Azur from 9 to 13 September 2006. The Palais des Festivals, known for its international film festival, also hosted the Cannes Retinal Festival, and the title of the award was symbolically chosen on the basis of the very famous golden award of the Cannes Film Festival.

The meeting was devoted to the latest vitreoretinal developments, trials, research and clinical updates, as well as advanced technologies. EVRS and ASRS – the European and American Society of Retinal Surgery – co-hosted the largest and most impressive conference, attended by 1,600 people who performed differently, with a focus on video competition and selection of the best video presentations of surgical procedures and the best scientists. Film. This year’s Palme d’Or statuette was won by Dr. Soran Tomic from the SVETI VID Special Eye Hospital in Belgrade and the University Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden, among 77 scientific films from around the world.

The award-winning film has two parts; de ene is geanimeerd, terwijl de presentatie – van de nieuwsteirurgische technieken, briljant verbonden met de baseboodschap ervan – Prevention en vroege en adequate surgical approach based on zeer ernstige oandoogaeningen zochefalisvlie netsanellichsanche.

The animated part of the film is a symbolic and metaphorical representation of surgical techniques from the so-called surgical “stone age” to the present, taking into account the future of the “cybernetic age” when modern technology and modernization. the appearance of neglected terminal states of the eye. The award-winning scientific presentation is the culmination of efforts made by the team of experts of the Special Ophthalmological Hospital “SVETI VID” in the modernization of ophthalmology. In addition to addressing very serious vision problems, SVETI VID has always emphasized the need for a later and broader treatment.

The video of the surgical procedures is taken from the rich archive of the SVETI VID Special Ophthalmological Hospital in Belgrade and the University Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden. It is a great honor for the renowned vitreoretinal surgeon Dr. Soran Tomic and the special ophthalmological hospital SVETI VID in Belgrade and the University Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden, who have proved that working together can bring fantastic results. Club is the first ophthalmological institution in the world.

If you want to learn more about a Special Ophthalmological Clinic designed to treat macular problems in patients with typically age-related macular degeneration or myopia, with a new updated approach – FDT (photodynamic therapy) and the use of intravitreal antiangyogenetic factors to support the disease.