Vloggers: Be Your Own Scorsese

From small acorns grow mighty oaks. Like previous web blogs (blogs), video blogs (vlogs) emerge from a close-knit online community and gain access to more common online rates. Our team of ICMediaDirect consultants is working with an increasing number of clients to take advantage of video blogs to improve the website. Maybe it’s worth making an introduction to video blogging: for too long the work of vloggers will be everywhere.

You can think of a video blog as a video blog or maybe you can blog online. Video blogs, usually recorded by digital video cameras, can be viewed on a computer or uploaded to a portable device for viewing. The contents of the video blog can be anything that can record your video camera. Video blogs can document the birth of a child or be online video diaries (or “confessionals” in anticipation of a reality show). Shorts are recorded and available online in video blog format, and video bloggers film their local sporting events for viewing on the Internet.

Vlogs, such as audio podcasts (which contain only sound), are delivered through RSS feeds. Vlogs can also be tagged and archived. Video formats are commonly used: .mov, .wmv (Windows Media Player), .rm (RealMedia) and others.

Vloggers, as before them, are a group of enthusiasts. Blogs have gained popularity due to the relevance of online calendars. Bloggers liked how easily they could publish photos with their thoughts, and still do so. In fact, many blogs are more focused on posting photos than on written content. Visually saturated blogs and photo posts were precursors to video recording. Ordered and accessible videos are a natural extension of the visually saturated Internet. Hence, Vlog. This development is also reflected in the requirements for our list of customers at the ICMediaDirect.com.

Today’s video bloggers, small but stable in number, have an innovative spirit associated with pioneers. Their number is not devoid of self-expression. Says visionary wlogger Escorial from “A Thousand Dreams, a Life-Changing Diary”

“I’ve always felt the need to tell stories. Pass on ideas that come to my mind. Share the breath of my life at the moment of my day to communicate with others. We’re animals. Socially, we have an instinct to seek friendships for relationships with other people.”

Self-expression, storytelling is an almost universal need for video bloggers. It’s a ready-made means of recording their ideas by directors – almost like notebooks to write down their thoughts.
Escorial continues: “I love filmography, and it’s a way to express my art and experiment at no financial cost; neither political nor journalistic purposes.”

The video blog is still in its infancy, so the biggest fans of the video blog are the vloggers themselves. On the Internet there was a dynamic community, of course, disparate geographically, where vloggers find support and exchange ideas. If the video is widely used at the participation level, it will have to get rid of this ambiguity.
The broadest opinion of videoologists is the future of video blogs. Since many video bloggers are to some extent visionaries, it is not uncommon for them to have a deep understanding of their profession. Danish videoologist Sam Reinsew says: “I see the future of the video blog as a huge artistic visual potential: a new outlet for perceiving the world around us and sharing these sloping points of view in an increasingly fragmented world.”

Vloger is considering, but has not yet been able to determine which “killer app” will take the video blog to the “next level.” Given the speed with which tech applications create online communities, this prediction may already be under development.

It’s easy to imagine experienced vloggers creating video ads that can be played on cell phones or other portable video players – the imaginary future of local search. Let national campaigns remain nationwide, but you’ll need a local video to create video displays for specific regions. Smart commercial movie clips saved for local search should be the place where vloggers will find their first niche for business.

However, the usual videographer will not be pressured to “sell himself.” Wlogger Kieran Blake foresees the commercialisation of video blogs, saying: “This is inevitable and welcome because it will provide disclosure without compromising anyone’s integrity. People who just want to do their own thing and create something or whatever. Also, they can always. “
Consider today’s popular technical elements, as video blogs become a regular feature of blogs and websites. You may have noticed the new Apple Video iPod and the availability of video content in the iTunes Store. Is this a sign of fascination with the Internet or important marketing opportunities? Time is the final judge, and so far – a video blog away. Maybe you’ll be the next Big Creature.

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