The Evolution of Video Gaming – And it All Started With Super Mario!

When it came to video games, no one had any idea what an incredible stain this product would cause to people and their daily lives almost a century later. I find it hard to believe the difference between the video game offerings of my childhood and the number of premium video games, consoles and information available now, just by going to the store and visiting the gaming department.

Seriously, the next time you’ll be online or in the store, check out the huge number of products that we have right now! In addition, a high-quality video version that can be achieved simply by adding a console and video game to your TV is day and night when the previous and later times coincide.

Of course, Nintendo was great nowadays, but now that I think we’ve had very few games, including Bomber Man, Duck Hunt/Mario and Tetris. Of course, Duck Hunt and Mario came out as the first game available with its block pixels and square cartridge, the truth is, who knew that Nintendo would be responsible for everything we have right now?!?

I really don’t think anyone could have predicted the global impact that video games and consoles had on us. These games and consoles are used by people all over the world, from the USA to Japan and from Australia to India! Add to that the value of entertainment and the fact that we now use our TVs not only for viewing, and you will discover a whole new world of entertainment. When I remember Super Mario and Sonic as a child, I was absolutely amazed by this simple but incredibly amazing product. And now we have tons of different consoles and a million different games. I guess you could say that it was all started by Mario.

Of course, Atari was good and alive for the original Nintendo, but for some reason it really became fashionable when Sonic and Mario left. These games were not only very funny, but also marked the beginning of an add-on that really exists today. And now people don’t just play games, they communicate, we have live options where we can really play with other players, play centers, clubs and organizations.

Video games and consoles have come a long way since the advent of Mario and Sonic, but most of us, old enough, remember that birthday or Christmas when our parents first introduced us to this strange little game with people like Mario and Luigi. I really doubt that our parents or anyone else understood how soon this would happen, and yet we are here! Looking through the various video games on the market, you’ll find that there are plenty of options available.

Hopefully you will find time to buy the one you like best. Most importantly, make the most of the improvements that technology has allowed, and take advantage of the number of options available today, but remember that Mario is the pinnacle of the entire video game industry!






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