Best Sites to Upload Your Videos Online

In recent years, web video has changed a lot. From an abnormally new, it has become a de facto method of online communication. The revolution began YouTube, but now dozens of gamers have jumped into the basket. Of course, YouTube is still the king of the mountain with billions of streams a month.

To get the most out of your videos, you need to show them to as many video sites as possible. In addition to more well-known players such as YouTube and Hulu (which, incidentally, do not accept user-generated content), there are a number of small regional video sites that get most of the video traffic.

One of the largest online video sites – DailyMotion. This French site is often referred to as “YouTube Europe” and has a very strong base of participants. The audience is predominantly European, so if you want to expand your audience on the continent, you should definitely download this site.

Vimeo is another site that has grown rapidly in recent years. Vimeo is special because most of the videos on it have high resolution. Vimeo has a great user interface, it is interesting to use, and also provides the ability to download in HD.

Another site – Metacafe. Metacafe has been around for some time and has enviable fans. The user interface may look a bit dated, but the number of visitors to the site makes up for this.

Depending on your video, you can upload it to themed sites. If your video is aimed at young people, it is appropriate to place it on the If this is due to technology, Google Video will be a good site to download (given that it is very popular with technicians).

It’s a good idea to upload to as many sites as possible. Given the number of video sites on the internet, it can be tedious, but to get the most out of the video it is necessary.

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