Grandma Goes Digital But Still Hates Lady Gaga

My 8-year-old daughter asked me today if anyone else was selling these big “phones” she meant landlines without the traditional loudest call. “Yes,” I tell him. But only older people buy them.

Everyone knows the stereotype: older people are afraid of modern technologies and want to adhere to an archaic way of life. You’ve seen it in movies, TV shows and finally on family holidays. But the world is changing, and grandparents are changing with him.

Recently, a study of the use of mobile phones by the elderly was conducted in Europe. The results are astounding: nine out of ten older people aged 65 to 75 use a mobile phone. Think about it! Grandmothers everywhere are trying new things! It’s amazing!

But just because she now has a mobile phone doesn’t mean she’s broadcasting Lady Gaga’s songs or uploading bingo videos to her Facebook profile. These are children’s things (by the way, here it is). For her, phones are used to talk to people, that’s all. It can be persuaded from time to time to write to friends, if the screen is large, bright and clear. But even there are complex operating systems and little buttons… No! She’s only interested in talking to people. With her family. With you. She’s not interested in bells and whistles.

The study also found that nearly two-thirds of seniors in the U.S. have a positive attitude toward technology. And that’s good news for us, their children and grandchildren. Because now we can watch them as they go with their buddies to the nursing center. And we know they’re going to hear it because their “call tune” is set at 95 decibels!

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