My Video Talk Review – What The Heck Is Email Video?

A few months ago a friend called me a layoff because of the company My Video Talk, or abbreviated MVT. I didn’t really think about it because MLM shows up every five seconds. However I chatted with another friend who is a major player in network marketing/internet marketing and he sent me the coolest email I have ever seen with the accompanying video. And it wasn’t just a reference to the opportunity. It was a real video embedded in the letter! That’s great. Of course I was fascinated and I had to click on the video and I was pleasantly surprised! Seeing firsthand how technology continues to penetrate the market of internet marketers and network marketers, I decided to explore this company and write a review on My Video Talk for people seriously related to this business opportunity. When considering network marketing companies, you need to be careful. Hopefully this my Video Talk review will help job seekers read this and people who just want to know what a video is.

Let me go on and say that I am not participating in My Video Talk. Therefore, this is NOT a commercial offer. I really think the technology is very useful and I think you do too. Here is a quick overview of the company, owners, product information, compensation plan and resume.


MVT is a division of Team Effort International, LLC. Team Effort International, LLC, founded in 2002, is a privately held, debt-ridden company with offices in Northern California worldwide. The company is internet-oriented and uses its own state-of-the-art software. Team Effort International, LLC is a multinational corporation that currently conducts business in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, Australia and New York, with expansion plans in South America, Europe from East and North Asia. The mission statement and the company’s slogan is “Commitment to change the world for the better,” and that’s exactly what the company is doing. There’s a lot of hype about this company on the Internet, and people are flocking to it.


The company is run by Mel and Amy Gill, a dynamic husband and wife team that has been working in direct sales since 1989. Mel Gill’s family ran a successful restaurant business in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he ran the business. surgery when the couple got married for the first time. When the couple first became acquainted with the direct selling industry in November 1989, they achieved great success and quickly took over their local businesses around the world, traveled the world and created a huge organization. This experience became a stepping stone for them to create their own direct sales company in 2002. Mel and Amy Gill live in Northern California with their three children.

Some products

Team Effort’s MVP division, LLC, has been thriving since 2004. The goal of this unit is to create innovative communication technologies that change the way we communicate, learn, market and interact in the world. This is done through live video broadcasts and meetings, customizable video messages via email, and video-on-demand feeds. All products are easily adapted to any business.

The great thing about MVT video writing is that for businesses that don’t already have their own website online, it’s a great way to send quality video emails to people who are already on the mailing list.

My Video Talk Studio is the engine on which the entire product line works. It is the most dynamic, comprehensive and modern video communication platform.
My Video Designer – create beautiful and fascinating video emails in minutes. You don’t have to be a fan of HTML code or have a degree in graphic design. The program will do everything for you.
My Video Broadcaster – hold live video presentations and meetings. The advantage of these videos is that they can be fully personalized with your own logo, banner and brand color. All shows in high resolution, it’s like watching your own TV show online anywhere in the world!
My video channel is like having your YouTube channel without YouTube! My video feed is a private channel so you can control everything and you don’t need to wake up one morning to discover that all your videos have been deleted.

Reimbursement plan

MVT has a dual-nuclear compensation plan. Okay, in English, please! It appears to be the first company to offer such a compensation plan, according to the company’s website. According to the website, this is a revolutionary plan that is focused on reputational representatives and is designed to provide you with instant income, while creating residual income or royalties in the long run. I will say that when my girlfriend called me, rejoicing in this business, and she earned $500 in less than 48 hours, a figure that 96% of all other network marketers did not hear, I was tempted to listen to all this noise. was all about.

After passing the compensation plan, it was no different from some other network marketing companies. The MVT compensation plan is paid to its representatives weekly and monthly, but other companies have similar plans. There are ten ways to get money, including big bonuses and promotions. A detailed list of payment options can be found on the company’s website.


MVT recently held an American launch event in California. The company seems to be gaining momentum and causing a real stir. The advanced technologies on the market by this company are, to say the least, incredible. The owners were 20-year-old veterans of direct sales, and now they are opening a exciting new direction in the use of video on the Internet. With a lucrative reward plan, strong management and cutting-edge products, this is a business that should definitely be taken seriously.

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Shannon Perry-Steiner is an Internet Marketer and Network Marketing Specialist. It has helped struggling network marketers grow their online business. His passion is to help people grow their business through the Internet.






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