Online Video WebSites Will Dramatically Increase Your Sales – It’s a Proven Fact

It doesn’t matter if you love Google or hate it.

In any case, you will agree, it is a rather chic outfit. They started from scratch just over seven years ago and overtook more established search engines such as Yahoo and began to dominate the Internet.

In fact, like Hoover, their name is now a generic term for use in search engines, and the verb “googled” is firmly embedded in dictionaries around the world.

So when Google paid $1.6 billion for a new business that’s just over a year old, you know something big is going on. And that’s something – an online video.

Another important milestone was achieved in May 2007, when Google became the first search engine to include video results in its first results: Universal Search. From now on, you’ll gradually see more and more text and video on the same pages.

Now the video-to-text ratio is low, that’s our advantage. In the end, everything will be the opposite, and by the time you firmly establish yourself in the role of an Internet dog.

Now Yahoo has recently followed Google’s lead by giving visitors to its search engines a choice of text or video to search. The advantage for us is that a few days after our videos are posted to Google, Yahoo picks them up and displays them in its lists. This means that we get 25% more impressions without extra effort!

So the video is definitely not a fleeting fad that can be safely ignored. The only reason that video was not the quintessence of the Internet from day one was because such technology did not exist.

Now that’s the case, it’s interesting to see Adobe copy Google’s business plan and use ready-made technology from companies like Macromedia (Flash) and, more recently, Serious’s experience in video editing.

The guys who really put the stamp on online video were Adobe. After buying Macromedia and its Flash technology, Adobe repeated what it did to make its PDF document system ubiquitous, and offered free Flash players.

Like Adobe Acrobat Reader, there is a mac and PC version that allows you to view online videos to generally accepted standards for almost anyone with an Internet connection.

Add to that the almost ubiquitous use of high-speed Internet connections and videos that are ready to take their rightful place as the primary means of online communication – just as television is the main means of autonomous communication .line.

So, what can you use online video for?

The short answer is to greatly enhance the success of every aspect of your internet marketing.

Not only can you use it to ensure a visible presence in search engine results, but you can also use it throughout your marketing operation, from creating more attractive subscriptions for your mailing list to increasing your page’s conversion rate and even branding. new product lines using video.

Why the video:

While people communicate through words, our brains work with images. Remember the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Imagine if a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more effective moving images in the form of video.

How can I use the video?

Because using online video on your sites these days only limits the limitless possibilities of what video can really do to increase your online sales.

To help you out, here are five simple tips for using videos:

Squeezing video pages: some marketers use five
second video with something like “Get a free gift
today”s purpose or squeeze pages. Post a video
A pop-up when you exit can triple your acceptance rates.

Video reviews: Watch one or more video reviews.
satisfied customers makes your product or service ‘social’
proof, “and it will increase confidence in you. Users love
to hear what others are saying about the “XY product” and it makes it
The process of deciding whether to “buy or not to buy” is much easier.

Create video tutorials. If you like “like” products,
write e-books, etc. why not create and add video tutorials?
to your existing product? People today like to have things
delivered through multimedia. There are also positive learning effects
much faster to watch a step-by-step video than to watch
A 60-page textbook.

Use videos to promote affiliate products: if you’re advertising
Clickbank products allow you to create simple videos that include
A quick overview of the product and a reference to the main benefits. This one
it gives you an unfair advantage over other partners
everyone uses the same merchandising tools.

Use video to increase partner sales: if you allow
affiliates who sell your products, you can promote them
videos they can show to visitors to their site and after
redirect to your sales page. It is a proven fact that
affiliates with effective merchandising tools are very effective
way to increase sales and which tool is better than video, you can
invent to provide?

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