The BlackBerry Curve – A Short Guide

BlackBerry has established itself as a company that consistently delivers the highest quality of its portable devices. BlackBerry Curve is a phone that certainly won’t stay away from a long line of excellent business solutions. They include an advanced multimedia package that makes it easier to move with your favorite photos, songs and videos. They also offer the ability to take stunning 2-megapixel photos with a built-in camera. Battery life is also better than ever.

Many of the features of this device are easy to use, and its very stylish design is sure to attract attention. You get a USB port and a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. BlackBerry Curve offers great image clarity to view your favorite sites, display details on a map, view photos and videos, and offers a big screen of two and a half inches with a resolution of 320 x 240.

Outstanding media playback features ensure Curve’s uninterrupted operation with a huge set of visual files such as WMV, H.263 and MPEG-4, as well as a host of audio features such as MP3, AAC and WMA. This device is fully capable of producing color prints up to 4×6! And if you think these features are great, just wait until you try the BlackBerry Curve for email. Sending and receiving emails has never been easier! Not to mention that you can even sync multiple email accounts at the same time. This latest smartphone is clearly ahead of its time and even surpassed itself – literally surpassed the previous blackBerry models!

Internet surfing is also simple, its features far superior to standard cell phones. It’s easy to open web pages and navigate them. With four hours of continuous oral communication and an impressive four full days of normal use, blackBerry Curve battery life is clearly superior to that of many of the other smartphones available today. The clarity of sound during your phone conversations is also very clear and reliable (although a large volume would have made it even better).

So if you’re looking for a very reliable smartphone with some of the cool features (increased battery capacity, excellent emailing and a surprisingly clear camera) that competes with phones like HTC Desire and iPhone 4, but don’t want to pay expensive prices, discover a very affordable BlackBerry Curve smartphone. Perhaps the best value you get. Despite a few minor flaws, the BlackBerry Curve is without a doubt a great phone!