Top Ways To Make Your Videos ‘Stick’ To Page 1 In The Search Results (So Vid Doesn’t Vanish Later)

Top tips for blocking your video from search engines.

In this article I want to discuss three tips that most people don’t do when sending a video. It only takes 10 extra minutes, but will help your video “gain” in search engines and get the service of traffic.

After all, why spend all this time creating videos without traffic?

First, choose the keyword. Use keyword research software or a third-party Google keyword research tool to find a keyword that matches fewer than 100,000 competitors in a normal search or less than 20,000 with a keyword in quotes.

1.) Optimize.

To keep your video first on the search engine for this keyword, it’s important to optimize your video carefully. Use a keyword for the video title, the first few words of description and even the name of the file download. With YouTube’s new voice recognition technology, it can even help your video content voice a keyword.

2.) Let it stick.

Video optimization is good for ranking videos at the beginning, but it will quickly return to results and may never be viewed again. We want him to stay there, so we have a few things to do.

3.) backlinks.

First, you need to add backlinks that point to the url of the video. They can come from social networks and bookmarks, or even better from links in resource fields in sent articles.

It’s important to note that about 70% of these backlinks use the phrase you chose as the anchor text. For example, if you chose the “Lego Nerf N-Strike Stampede” ranking, that’s what you should be in the binding text.

4.) See the number.

This is often overlooked. Send your video a bit of traffic. If YouTube or other video sites rate your post highly, it usually means that search engines are doing the same. You don’t have to go out with your best – you can just give a link to your Twitter followers or post a link on a popular forum.

Video marketing is certainly not the only way to get free traffic. I even posted a video showing how to get enough traffic to earn up to $100 a day.






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