The Top Things To Do In Winter In Livigno, Italy

You’ll be amazed by some of the unique things to do and places to explore in this hidden destination. Livigno has a ski school with 150 certified instructors who offer multilingual ski lessons for beginners who want to learn to ski or for skiers who want to hone their skills and venture safely on the ski slopes of Livigno. It means that you go by snowmobile through a suggestive snowy forest to reach a warm and comfortable wooden mountain hut. The feeling of being lost in the mountains of Livigno, where you can spend an unforgettable evening and taste the excellent food of this restaurant with a beautiful night view of Livigno from above.

Tucked away in the Italian Alps, a stone’s throw from Switzerland, lies the beautiful town and ski resort of Livigno, where “the snow never ends.” All Sno-ski holidays full of flights are protected by ATOL by the Civil Aviation Authority. All our suppliers are linked by ATOL, so your holiday pay is safe. In addition, your holiday payments are kept in confidence by NatWest Bank and Travel Trust, who insure every booking against the supplier’s failure. It’s more than just epic skiing and hiking in the center!

Go try them all – there are plenty of parks and fun and training activities for everyone. If you have no experience or are with your children, no one will be bored. Livigno proves that Italy with children is a possible mission!

If you love winter sports and are an enthusiast at the same time, you have come to the right place in Livigno! But you probably imagine it is, because you’ve probably tried or at least heard of Italian cuisine and food. You can check the price here and shop at ski lift stations or designated offices. I highly recommend that you check the slopes first, before you get a pass for the entire duration of your holiday. Then we booked a shuttle to take us to Livigno, the trip took about 3 hours. Keep in mind that the last few tens of kilometers are in the Alps.

Mountain bike tours for all types of cyclists in the beautiful Livigno Valley, also using lifts and shuttles, also the rest of the Alta Rezia area and the nearby Engadine. Private lessons in the bike park and on the other trails around Livigno. In winter, fat bike tours for all levels and snowbike lessons on ski slopes. With winter just around the corner, people take off all their ski gear and check out some of their favorite places to go. Italy is blessed with a beautiful ski slope, with the central core of the Dolomites in the spotlight.

Children can have fun at the foot of the hill, there is something similar to the kindergarten, but only a few hours available. Carosselo is the more attractive side that is also better for ski schools.

As for relaxation, it offers more evocative landscapes to get rid of the daily stress. Here you can practice water sports for everyone or you can choose to spend a few hours aboard a canoe or rowing boat to enjoy the sun seasoned with the fresh Livigno air. Even the most revelers can find a vibrant high-altitude social life that offers great opportunities to shop and provide entertainment at any time of the day or night.

At the top it was time to assimilate everything, at about 2,500 meters the views were incredible and there is no greater feeling than getting a view, whether it’s hiking, cycling or snow tourism. treno rosso del bernina In addition to fantastic skiing, snowboarding, shopping, food and drink, below you will find our must-do activities. You can take the time to visit 16 Blesaccia II during your trips to Livigno.

Davide chose a safe route and it was up to us to find our way, 2.5 hours up and minutes down. Livigno is known for its off-opportunities, it has thousands of acres of ski touring (or free-ride) opportunities in the pristine valleys. Snow is guaranteed here almost all season, so you can ski through winding paths, steep slopes or through the forest in complete freedom.