The 7 Biggest Sporting Events In The World

It’s estimated that for each of those games since 1992 (when they started!) about a billion people tune in to watch over cable networks when championships are released every four years. Of course, the Tour is different from most other sporting events, because you won’t see it from a stadium. Instead, you can choose their place anywhere in France to watch them pass in one of the 21 race days.

It’s very clear that football is the most popular sport, but which sporting event is the most popular? The FIFA World Cup is perhaps the most popular event on the global sports calendar, and for multi-sporting events the Olympic Games. If you haven’t seen any of these live sports yet, you should put them on your sports bucket list.

Even the opening ceremonies overshadow everything else, for example, the opening ceremony of the 1996 Summer Olympics, where Muhammad Ali lit the torch, was watched by an estimated 3 billion spectators. Not counting football matches, 11 sporting events have already crossed the nine million mark so far this year, more than last year, with the Olympics and MLB postseason still to come. The most-watched non-NFL sporting events so far this year are the College Football National Championship Game and the night of the Olympics that NBC broadcast immediately after the Super Bowl. To date, the most watched sporting events are the Olympics and, with good reason, they have the best athletes in the world and something for all sports fans.

Contact us to start planning your best sports travel experience to one of the most watched sporting events in the world. People from all over the world tune in to sporting events, even if their home team isn’t even playing! These outdoor events attract millions, sometimes even billions of spectators for a single match! Sporting events such as nfl tickets the Olympics, the World Cup and the Super Bowl are often the most anticipated events of the year. However, there are a handful of incredible events that have broken all records; they even reached more than half of the entire world population! On today’s blog, Hoover Met Complex lists the five most-watched outdoor sporting events of all time.

It is one of the best forms of entertainment and allows you to get rid of stress. It is ideal for any person to participate in some form of sport, to release tension and stay physically active and fit. And for those who can’t just practice athletic activities, there are always a plethora of sporting events to enjoy!

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