The 30 Most Effective Silent Auction Ideas That Work

If successful, silent auctions can raise thousands of dollars, help organizations grow, and get donors and participants excited about the cause. Offering the right amount of silent auction items is critical to achieving your fundraising goals. Too many items lead to lower bids, low energy and a lack of “bidding battles” that add to the excitement of the event and the final result.

Once bids have been placed, the highest bid wins the item and the proceeds go to the good cause or non-profit organization. Handbid works regardless of whether you are hosting your event online or in person. Guests can use the app to place bids while chatting at their venue, or they can follow the online auctions from home. Tickets for professional sporting events are high-priced items for personal and silent online auctions. Host a field day to bring out a supporter’s inner athlete by hosting sand volleyball tournaments, roller skating races, flag tournaments, and tug-of-war competitions. However, since bidding sheets require a more laborious bidding procedure, organizations that organize paper auctions, as a rule, do not collect as much money as those that organize mobile auctions.

The sale of both trips will bring $ 600 of these two silent auction items to your thing. If it is time for you to close your silent auction and some items have not yet received bids, do not reduce the prices of the items under any circumstances. The vast majority of the funds raised through your silent auction will likely come from the sale of auction items. Consider requesting additional donations through various contact points, including online if you sign up in advance, as well as on the day of the event. In this way, you can provide dedicated supporters with an easy way to go beyond your organization and allocate more funds to your mission. If you are using the silent auction software to create an event website, please include the link in your communication with supporters.

When you integrate the Double the Donation plugin on your charity auction website, you bring suitable gifts to the mind of your participants. If event attendees find out about your match eligibility, they are more likely to initiate and complete Silent Auction Ideas your matching gift after purchasing your ticket or bidding on the auction items. A general rule of thumb is that live auction items yield 65-75% of their retail or market value, while silent auctions yield 50-65% of their market value.

Usually, these online offer pages are active for periods ranging from a week to a month or even longer. It is a silent auction platform that focuses on the use of mobile phones for bidding. Therefore, donors do not need to attend an event to participate in a silent auction. Organizers can also set up online auctions for bidding through the web browser.

Music Memorabilia: Signed music memorabilia is great for silent auction items when properly advertised. Most of them are sold for several hundred dollars each, but do not use too many of them, otherwise you will not get enough offers to raise prices where you need them. Consignment companies provide descriptions, certificates of authenticity and send them to you for your event. Most expect you to pay the return freight if you don’t sell, so don’t overdo it with the amount. They are still a great way to raise large amounts of money, as they are unique silent auction items that music fans are passionate about. This special list of silent auction item ideas will attract a lot of offers and will always have high prices.

Silent auction software can help you facilitate your silent auction, collect bids for auction items, and process payments once the event is closed. In addition, you can use the event registration software to handle the registration and ticket sales. If you want to place more bids in silent auctions, mobile bidding is the answer. Mobile bidding allows your non-profit organization to place the auction in the hands of each donor. Nonprofits typically see 60-65% more offers when they switch from paper offer sheets to mobile offers. Live auctions typically generate bids close to or above the market value of the items, while silent auctions generate only half of their market value.