Permanent Living In Alberta

The U.S. government established the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program to encourage foreigners to invest in U.S. companies. The program provides a path to legal permanent residence in the United States for Canadians who invest at least $1.05 million in a new commercial venture that creates ten full-time American jobs. If the company is located in a “Target Employment Area,” defined as a place of high unemployment or a rural region, the minimum investment requirement is reduced to $800,000. Immigrant investors who die during the QIIP application process will see their application cancelled. In cases where the investment has already been made, the money will be returned to your spouse or estate within about 30 days.

With an excellent reputation, no age or language requirements, and a “starting price” of just ~$175,000 USD thanks to the loan option, the Quebec Investment Program simply cannot be surpassed by any other country. While there are many foreign consultants who offer discounted immigration services, retaining the services of a licensed immigration attorney in Quebec has many advantages. First of all, the level of experience regarding Quebec investment immigration offered by an experienced Quebec-based lawyer simply cannot be surpassed outside of Canada. Foreign consultants generally offer a range of investment citizenship and investment immigration services in different countries around the world, but often outsource much of the actual legal work required to external contractors. Working directly with a Quebec immigration attorney who knows the investor program inside and out ensures that your file is highly optimized for success and that you are guided through every step of the process in a professional and effective manner.

If the EB-5 candidate created the jobs before the I-526 petition was filed, the application must be accompanied by I-9 forms, payroll, and other relevant evidence to show that the jobs are appropriate. This may sound like an obvious question, but citizenship-by-investment programs vary widely by country, and each offers a different set of benefits. To choose the best one for your needs, you need to determine your main goal to get a second passport. Buying government bonds is a way to obtain permanent residency or citizenship without risking capital or being personally involved in a commercial venture. The government of the country in question guarantees the bonds and their entire investment is recouped without building up interest. As for Canada’s startup visa program, startup owners who are successful in passing this program should be able to obtain the minimum required investment.

Quebec recently updated its economic immigration rules to limit the number of applications they receive in the immigration categories of entrepreneurs, investors and the self-employed. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has also changed the way they process some immigration applications. For example, the files of Quebec investors in Mexico were processed more than twice as fast as in Immigration to Canada by Investment the United Arab Emirates. However, as of January 2016, the CIC now has the ability to move applications between visa offices around the world to ensure they are processed with maximum efficiency. This means that your 2018 Quebec Immigrant Investor Program application may not be processed at the visa office closest to your place of residence, but it can be processed more efficiently.

Successful Candidates of the Quebec Investor Program receive an unconditional Canada Permanent Resident Visa and can immediately start living, working and doing business anywhere in the country. Children of new immigrant investors can also quickly begin studying in Canada and can apply to local schools and universities as Canadian residents rather than a foreign student. If the I-829 petition is granted by USCIS, the Canadian EB-5 participant will receive an unconditional green card and will be granted official legal permanent resident status of the United States. Since a conditional green card cannot be renewed, it is important to file the I-829 petition on time and effectively demonstrate that all the conditions of the green investment card are met. Immigrant Investor Program requirements, eligible participants from Canada have the right to have the terms removed from their EB-5 Green Card. To request that these conditions be officially removed by immigration authorities, immigrant investors must file an I-829 petition.