Best Sites to Upload Your Videos Online

In recent years, web video has changed a lot. From an abnormally new, it has become a de facto method of online communication. The revolution began YouTube, but now dozens of gamers have jumped into the basket. Of course, YouTube is still the king of the mountain with billions of streams a month. To get the most out of your […]

The BlackBerry Curve – A Short Guide

BlackBerry has established itself as a company that consistently delivers the highest quality of its portable devices. BlackBerry Curve is a phone that certainly won’t stay away from a long line of excellent business solutions. They include an advanced multimedia package that makes it easier to move with your favorite photos, songs and videos. They also offer the ability to […]

Advantages of Shooting Your Wedding Video With Two Cameras

The second camera is like a backup.On the wedding day, no one expects the worst. But something’s going on. And because technology is what it is, sometimes it presents unpleasant surprises. Camera failure is a reality, even if you live the dream. An additional wedding videographer not only gives you peace of mind, but also captures the inevitable problems that […]

Webcam Chat – Realistic Networking

Of all the ways in which a person can benefit from social online interactions, communicating with a webcam is perhaps the most promising way to link it to a realistic experience. In the past, the idea of using the Internet only for communication was reason enough to buy a computer, but since human technology has made incredible strides over the […]

Grandma Goes Digital But Still Hates Lady Gaga

My 8-year-old daughter asked me today if anyone else was selling these big “phones” she meant landlines without the traditional loudest call. “Yes,” I tell him. But only older people buy them. Everyone knows the stereotype: older people are afraid of modern technologies and want to adhere to an archaic way of life. You’ve seen it in movies, TV shows […]

My Video Talk Review – What The Heck Is Email Video?

A few months ago a friend called me a layoff because of the company My Video Talk, or abbreviated MVT. I didn’t really think about it because MLM shows up every five seconds. However I chatted with another friend who is a major player in network marketing/internet marketing and he sent me the coolest email I have ever seen with […]

Video Phone Calls Keep You Close To Loved Ones

During personal conversations, communication is deeper than during telephone conversations. We use gestures to complement our communication. When we speak, it is important to do so effectively. Nodding, smiling, opening or closing our eyes, all these facial expressions make our words more meaningful. None of these body languages are welcome in our old school phones. When we talk to family […]

Find Out Why the Logitech Pro 9000 is the Best

When I first heard what webcams are capable of, I was curious. When I finally got one for my computer, I was disappointed. Why? That’s because I barely see myself. The photo is so dark and I find it hard to find a good angle to take a good picture. However, my sister introduced me to the Logitech Webcam Pro […]