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A beer lover’s passion for this fermented beverage is amplified at Oktoberfest, as Bavaria has the highest quality beer and several thousand liters of beer flow annually at Oktoberfest. It is a very picturesque area with lively and colorful parades, exciting attractions, music and concerts that form the backdrop for Munich’s best breweries selling beer from tents. Weimar, a city in the state of Thuringia, attaches great importance to onions and has been for a long time. This Christmas tradition from Germany began as an unusual gathering of traders and locals annually where onion-based products were sold. Gradually, the annual gathering became a celebration of the humble onion that had since become famous in many cities and became a nationwide feast. The immense amount of onions on display is the highlight of the feast.

This festival is actually the beer festival in Germany with about 7 million people consuming almost 8 million liters of beer. This beer festival in Germany takes place in the Bavarian capital Munich, one of the country’s most amazing tourist attractions. Full of castles, monuments and royal palaces that reflect the spectacular architecture, the Bavarian capital is a city to fall in love with. Returning to Oktoberfest, it is the most famous traditional German festival, which is held for two weeks. The whole city dresses up in dirndl and lederhosen with large crowds joining in the extravagance of drinking, eating and having fun at the stalls, attractions, etc. The German beer festival is not to be missed if you visit the country between September and October.

It’s a summer festival dream, topped off with floats, tanning sessions, swimming and lakeside barbecues between dancing with some of the world’s most beloved techno and house music artists. Away from the docks, you’ll find fantastic food at street stalls and packed breweries, so you can spend the night exploring the festival. With live music performances, parties aboard boats and beautiful fireworks, Hafengeburtstag is an unforgettable experience.

On the outskirts of Stuttgart, the world’s largest pumpkin festival takes place every autumn. More than 450,000 pumpkins can be seen on the grounds of the spectacular Ludwigsburg Castle. Look for great pumpkin displays, events like the pumpkin race, and anything to do with pumpkin food. The Munich Opera Festival is a great celebration of culture through music and art. Finally, this cultural delight will truly add unforgettable memories to your holiday in Germany.

One of Bavaria’s biggest Folk Festivals, it’s family-friendly and includes attractions such as roller coasters and carousels, as well as seven large beer tents. Many of those present wear traditional Bavarian clothing, preserving the historic character of Bavarian festivals while also seeing some great people. Many visitors arrive dressed for the period, but at least half of the people who wander around are dressed in normal clothes. There are often three or four of these events every weekend throughout Germany, all year round, from Christmas markets to summer festivals. The most famous and largest German festival, Oktoberfest, has its roots in the harvest festivals of antiquity.

The celebrations last six days and the crowd loudly cheers the expression “Kölle Alaaf”. Wherever you are in the country, Carneval, Germany’s famous festival, will blow you away with great pleasure. With more than half a million sponsors made up of international film stars and hotel oktoberfest filmmakers from all disciplines, the Berlinale is a whirlwind of glamour, talent and entertainment. This eponymous festival full of more than 360 concerts, film screenings, crackling bands playing music from Indie to hip hop and jazz is an ideal place for all music lovers.

The book fair is a famous festival in Germany, has been held for 500 years and takes place every year in October. It is also known as FrankfurtEr Buchmesse which began in 1454 when Frankfurt was declared the capital of European publishing. International and local visitors come to the city to enjoy a variety of performances by internationally renowned musicians and orchestras. Although Beethoven’s spirit and talent remain central to the event of the same name, organizers present a different theme each year that goes beyond their work.

Opera soloists from all over the world participate in productions to sing some of the best music ever written and entertain audiences of all ages. It is one of the oldest and most comprehensive opera festivals in the world today. The Opernfestspiele consists of all the operas that have been performed in the past year and always ends with an opera by Richard Wagner, such as Die Walkure or Gotterdammerung. Germany certainly seems to understand how to organize a fantastic festival! It’s one of the best places to explore some of the biggest and strangest festivals in the world.

Some 425 new bands and international artists participated in this festival. This 4-day music festival also aims to promote gender equality in the music industry. Oktoberfest is a celebration of Bavarian beer and lasts from 16 to 18 days and takes place around mid-September until the first Sunday in October.