Eight Things You Need To Know Before Hiring A Caterer

Bold American provides full-service catering services to locations across the city of Atlanta, Georgia, and hosts more than 500 business and social events each year. In addition to food, there are several other components such as decoration and equipment, which are included in event catering. Experienced caterers can prepare food on time and avoid running out of food in the middle of the event.

Today, many catering services offer a range of services in addition to catering. Some are real “event producers”, which provide accessories, special effects, decoration, in other words, a complete design of the event. They can also help you find a location, coordinate your case, or align providers. However, one thing a caterer can’t do is cook a 5-course Beef Wellington dinner for $20 per person. When planning your menu, be realistic about what you can serve given your budget and the size of your guest list. To ensure that the food served at your event tastes delicious and looks appealing, ask for quality, style, and presentation before hiring an event catering provider.

“There are many options to create your dream day,” Leslianne continues. Your caterer should be able to work with you to create a menu that meets your taste buds Oyster Catering and your budget. Either way, be sure to ask your caterer how they handle special requirements like dietary restrictions, site changes, and late additions.

There are many catering services to choose from, and not all are created equal. Thank you for the advice to opt for a catering service with a vegetarian option. Their advice should simplify the process of finding the right catering service to hire. I found it very interesting how you said that ordering foods or ingredients that are not in season can be expensive, so you should try to find recipes with a similar taste. My wife has been asked to host the annual work party for her office and has been trying to find a catering company that can help provide food to all her colleagues.

That includes tables, chairs, tablecloths, plates, cutlery and glassware. If your wedding venue doesn’t, ask the wedding catering provider if they can provide it or arrange rentals as part of your package. If they do, Correale suggests asking about the style of this rental to make sure it complements your wedding aesthetic.

But when it comes down to it, one of the most crucial elements of any event comes down to food. As a culture, it’s something we love to talk about and of course we love it to enjoy, so if you don’t have the right catering service for your event, it’s a big red flag. When you are considering hiring catering services for a special event, one of the… From the finalist competing for your business, ask to host a food tasting. Any reputable catering company offers free tastings depending on the size of the event.

Just make sure you set everything up with the catering company in advance, so that no misunderstandings arise later. Once you start calling the caterers, ask them if you can do a food tasting. It is important that you are satisfied with the type and quality of food at your event. Usually, more experienced catering services allow for food tastings because they understand how important it can be to the customer. Find out what the cancellation policy is for your potential caterer, even if the refund amounts decrease the closer you get to the event you’re cancelling.

Perhaps they should consider finding a reputable catering service that handles the event well. It is true that the serving staff of a catering company must be able to serve many people at the same time. I think I can try to find this kind of service from a food truck catering for my party. My son will have this fifth birthday next week, and since I want him to feel special about showing him his favorite type of vehicle, this might be something he might like. Surprisingly, the time a catering company has been in business may not be as crucial in selecting a large caterer as you might think. “The length of time in the restaurant industry doesn’t necessarily translate into excellent, tasty cuisine,” says Greg Jenkins.