Document Checklist Before Buying A New Apartment In Pune

Remember that with every square foot, the monthly budget increases along with property taxes. The agreement should also contain a clause to transfer common areas to society. This ensures that the plot remains with the original owners and that the developer can no longer make constructions on this land. The deed of sale acts as documented proof of ownership of the property.

A Khata is a document that serves as proof that the property has been built in accordance with local laws, authorized plans and regulations. It is important to verify the validity and legal status when buying a property. The Khata certificate is essential when registering a new property, as well as when transferring ownership. If the property has a mortgage, an undertaking by the owner must be made to the bank, stating that he or she has agreed to provide ownership documents to the buyer when foreclosure of the mortgage loan.

In many cases, the buyer is misled in terms of space and length and wall width. To prevent such accidents, you must check the building correctly. In addition, you must also compare it with the brochure and the appropriate measures. The investor must negotiate and consult with the builder if there is a membership fee in one of the services.

Most foreign citizens can buy real estate in Istanbul, but it is smart to first perform a health check with your consultant before making a decision. After selecting which type of apartment you are looking for, explore your neighborhood and all available options around you. There may be plenty of apartments for sale at the desired location, but your real estate advisor will lead you through the ideal matches. Also, an idea of the privacy and security measures the builder has taken should be on your checklist before buying a flat.

Before sealing the final agreement, make sure that your apartment is legally authorized and that you have legal permits to be on the package. As a home buyer, there is nothing wrong with verifying that the developer urban treasures condo has approvals and CON from the municipal company, among other area development authorities for water supply, sewage, power plants, etc. One of the milestones in each person’s life is closing a real estate deal.

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