Do Small Businesses Need Penetration Testing?

An internal network penetration test is a very useful test because it can give a company a different perspective on vulnerabilities and potential areas where a hacker could have easy access to your data. Internal network testing can also help to strengthen the trust and loyalty of customers in the company. Every customer wants to have confidence in a company to protect their information from external and internal threats. Internal network tests can provide an additional level of security for a company that its sensitive data is not accessed by unauthorized persons. It should be part of a permanent monitoring system to protect organizations through various types of security tests. Security patch updates or new components used on a company’s website could reveal new risks that would open the door to hackers.

There are three main strategies for pen testing, each of which provides pen testers with a certain level of information they need to carry out their attack. For example, the white box test provides the tester with all the details about an organization’s system or the target network. network penetration testing And the gray-box penetration test provides the tester with only partial knowledge of the system. With the widespread use of smartphones, companies have had to develop mobile-friendly websites as more and more people use their mobile phone to access corporate websites.

However, current technological advances make it easier than ever for bad actors to find the most vulnerable points in an organization. The purpose of penetration testing is to help companies identify where they are most likely to be attacked and proactively strengthen these vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them. Instead of evaluating the potential vulnerabilities of an IT system, a penetration test acts as a cyber attack to see how your system works. This helps to identify vulnerabilities and shows how these vulnerabilities can be exploited in your system. In this way, the solution can help to avoid the risk of a real cyber attack in the future.

Penetration testers (or “pentesters”) launch simulated attacks to find vulnerabilities. This process helps an organization to find and correct mistakes before a criminal can take advantage of them. Choosing the right equipment for penetration testing is an important determinant of the success or failure of your efforts.

In the black-box type of penetration test, the tester plays a role similar to that of a hacker, without knowledge of the target system. This method helps to identify the vulnerabilities that can be exploited from the external network. Penetration testers performing this testing practice should be able to build their target network taking into account the observations. In order to perform the blackbox pen test, the tester must be familiar with manual penetration testing methods and automated scanning tools. A penetration test is a test conducted by ethical hackers, also known as white hats, who try to violate the security of your company. The purpose of this test method is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in the defense of a system that can be exploited by hackers, and even measure the extent of a possible violation with the exploit.

The basic goal of external penetration testing is to identify and exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to the internal network. As an award-winning penetration testing provider, Redscan is well positioned to help your organization significantly reduce cybersecurity risk. By working closely with your internal team to understand your security needs, our CREST and OSCE accredited ethical hackers deliver the necessary results to enable immediate security improvements. All our ethical hacking obligations are strictly confidential for the client and are designed to avoid interruptions in business operations. Taking the time to perform a network penetration test can play an important role in limiting the possibility of a successful cyber attack on your business.

It is important to always remain proactive to look for opportunities for improvement and to avoid complacency. You can be reassured if you know that your company is always well protected with an IT service provider who regularly performs network penetration tests. Penetration testing is a controlled simulated attack to identify potential failures and weaknesses in a company’s network, devices or applications that lead to a data breach and financial losses. When it comes to network security, experts use network penetration testing to find places that a hacker could exploit on various systems, networks, network devices and hosts. They are looking for ways in which a hacker in the real world can find ways to compromise a company, gain access or unauthorized access to confidential data.

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