Design Your Own Custom Engagement Ring

Ask us for suggestions: some gems shine brighter with rose gold, while others appear more vibrant in yellow gold. White diamonds usually look iconic in white gold, but we’ve seen some beautiful designs come to life with unique combinations of corestone and gold tones. We understand how important it is to find that unique ring design, perfectly suited to celebrate and reflect how special your partner and relationship are. It’s understandable that you want an engagement ring or wedding ring that’s like no other. But of course, the most beautiful designs for sale are too often also the most common designs for people to buy. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that there are some really great ways to customize your ring, without compromising your design.

You’ll get a better idea of your personal style (classic, retro, peculiar, feminine) and the metals and stones you prefer. The more ideas and images you bring to your design appointments, the easier it will be for the designer to understand your needs. Customize your ring for that special DR custom ring purpose, that unique experience and that unique moment. It has so much meaning in life and can represent so many memories and promises. And it’s only fair that you can make your ring perfect the way you want it to look and feel like you wear it every day, for the rest of your life.

We can also provide professional guidance in selecting the ideal carat weight to suit your vision and budget. The time it takes to finish the ring depends on the number and types of bricks laid, the complexity of the design and the type of precious metals used. Your jeweler creates a lifelong symbol of your love and devotion …

To get your creative juices flowing, it’s always a good idea to start looking for inspirational images. Look for Pinterest boards, custom jewelry pages for social media, wedding inspiration blogs, or any other wedding outlet you can think of. From there, you can begin to determine which elements of each ring you are attracted to.

And you can be inspired by this when you want to adjust your ring. By choosing a custom-made or custom engagement ring, you get the freedom to create a unique piece of jewelry and play with many different designs. It’s a lot of fun to research different styles and techniques to see what looks unique. Unusual stones or polished adjustments, such as brushed metal, can look charming and stand out from classic engagement ring styles.

And of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just these two stones, you can also work with other gems that tickle you. Once you have an idea in mind, you need to find a jeweler who can create a custom design. Often your own jeweler has someone in house who can make custom designs or refer you to a trusted colleague.

Secrète has built an excellent reputation in more than three decades of work in the Washington metropolitan area, and our transparency policy assures you that you get exactly what you wanted. Stone lab certifications are always presented to each client and the process is transparent from start to finish. Your design page is the easiest place to organize your ideas, store designs, gems and notes, and consult with our designers to create your perfect ring. After expressing your preferences and ideas, you can view computer-generated models of different rings to better understand what they look like in person. This eliminates any mystery or uncertainty by combining different styles of metal, gemstones and finishes.

You’ll want to get a quote from the jeweler so you won’t be surprised by the cost of custom engagement rings. Despite what you’ve heard, custom engagement rings won’t necessarily break the bank. In fact, it’s often more cost-effective to work with a custom design rather than trying to modify a ring that already exists. Whether you want a custom ring for sentimental reasons, design purposes, or any other reason, the process is easier and more affordable than you think. Take a look at social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration from design molds and configurations. There are modern looks, traditional styles and more unique options.