Dedicated Team

Our transparent management approach gives you a detailed picture of the development process. In that case, your tech partner can research, interview bosses and hire new developers to build a special software development team for you in the shortest possible time. While it seems like the process is slow, it is even faster and cheaper than hiring developers yourself.

In most cases, it is a software development team dedicated to your project / company. Dedicated means that the team only works full-time for a customer and reports directly to the customer. Customers actively work with team members, track daily activities and overall project progress. Project Manager is a valuable addition to the team to improve project management and communication process. The continuous communication and interaction process helps both parties to update and adapt to the changing environment when needed.

By hiring the development team, you can expand or reduce your equipment for the duration of the project. This approach gives you more flexibility in project management and control. It improves both product quality and project terms, increases transparency and communication and reduces overall risks. The Uptech team has extensive customer collaboration experience within a special development team contract. About 25% of the projects we start every year are based on the special team model.

And dedicated software development teams have, as it were, the keys to the entire navigation system. Use the services listed above to explore customer dedicated software development team feedback and view your portfolio to assess the experience. A dedicated software development team is key to the success of any startup.

We offer our customers scalability when it comes to hiring a dedicated development team. If you manage the team through the provider’s project managers, conference calls are key to successful collaboration. The project manager supervises the work of the dedicated software development team, sets their requirements for engineers and keeps you informed of the status of the project. When hiring a team, make sure that the provider’s project managers have strong English skills as they will always come into contact with you. Finally, you need to organize stable communication between your dedicated software development team and an internal team. First of all, your internal team needs to understand that dedicated developers are your colleagues, so they should treat external developers equally.

TatvaSoft enables your business with high-quality next-generation custom applications by providing dedicated and skilled resources, with the flexibility to choose, manage and scale resources as required. Our experienced software development team has collected important information through ongoing training programs that benefit customer companies with high-quality results and faster project deadlines. These tools help dedicated software development teams implement a flexible software development methodology. Project managers can now divide a large task into several smaller tasks and assign it to developers.

During the first contact you must clearly explain the requirements of your project. Based on the information you provide, the company will establish a special software development team. Depending on the number of specialists you need, the time to organize a team varies. Special software development teams use Java / Kotlin for Android and Objective-C for iOS.

This team structure generally includes highly qualified technology professionals based on project needs. Our company offers web developers, DevOps engineers, quality assurance experts, as well as mobile application developers and UX / UI designers who work exclusively on your project. This approach combines technical expertise with minimal costs, making it a cost effective alternative. If your country is facing a shortage of talent, the dedicated development team is a perfect solution for you. With over 200,000 software developers in Ukraine, the recruitment process is quick and easy for you to increase your team without recruiting for months. Diversity of technological batteries, all levels of seniority, control of English and technical background: with Devox software you will get the equipment of your dreams in no time.