55 Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time, From Glitter To Output

The film was a performance by Mia Farrow, who plays the head of Rosemary; pregnant and afraid that the increasingly stranger people in her job, including her opportunistic husband, want to steal her baby for use in the rituals of an evil sect. Farrow interprets paranoia, justified or not, perfect for one of the best horror film performances in film history. Based on Stephen King’s legendary 1977 novel of the same name, but with some significant differences, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is considered one of the best horror movies of all time. Each recording is expertly designed and Jack Nicholson brilliantly plays one of the genre’s most immersive and terrifying main characters. Slowly but surely seeing him go crazy and embrace his worst tendencies is a gift to anyone seeking terror. To create a truly iconic horror movie, a movie that will become part of the wider cultural fabric, while still being loved by fans of the genre, you have to do so many things right.

Jawsmore is seen by some critics as a thriller or action movie, but horror movies scare the viewer and the original Jaws is terrifying. Horror movies have frightened the audience for a long time, and while some have been done horribly and look cheap, many of them have been very successful and have kept viewers on the edge of their seats. However, some of the best horror films became franchises and even came across in universes, sometimes obscuring the original film’s success. He struggles to “out of control” his 6-year-old son, Samuel, a son who finds it impossible to love.

The audience that Naomi Watts saw in things like David Lynch’s films may be a little surprised to see her in a more conventional studio horror, but she’s one of the best in the industry for a reason. Martin Scorsese also loved Midsommar, Aster’s second feature film . Leaders Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor are excellent in their very specific version of the standard type “young in an unknown situation” horror film. Think Hostel meets an almost return of the Jedi-like community, but with a constant and overwhelming sense of fear. When you’re done, your brain has about 7 wrinkles more than when it started.

The characteristics of the creature, the slashers, the images found and the psychological nightmares are waiting for you to play in your transmission service of your choice. Ignore the strange noises outside, maybe make sure the door is closed and enjoy the best horror movies of all time. The best horror movies of all time come in different terrifying flavors. Some seem eternal with eternally evil celluloid representing ancient demons, while others take advantage of our very specific fears about the modern world. The best scary movies take advantage of our most hidden uncertainties and sometimes even give us completely new phobias that we hadn’t even thought of.

And how many of these popular horror movies have you really seen?? Regardless of the answer, you will find that this list goes far beyond the top 100 horror movies of all time. Herk Harvey’s Soulsmay Carnival isn’t the scariest movie ever made, but it’s certainly one of the most disturbing. She survives the accident, but arrives without remembering what happened. Harvey launches as the face of inexplicable evil and slowly dismantles any semblance of logic, creating a purgatorial dead end where every turn leads deeper into darkness.

The retro styles of this Gallic surprise testify to a wonderful knowledge of old school slasher and giallo films, combined with a modern and expert film sensitivity that takes an extra turn in the brutal terror of holiday students from De France and Le Besco. You feel it doesn’t end well when we first see Gaspar Noah’s favorite actor, Nahon, falling in love with a woman’s severed head. The imaginative horrific murders and chase scenes are thick and fast, and the sound design that hangs the nerves exacerbates the tension, making it virtually unbearable. Then, with an incredibly misjudged and incredibly offensive twist on the plot, the whole movie falls apart.

Samuel’s dreams are full of a monster he believes will kill them both. When a terrifying storybook called The Babadook appears at his home, Samuel is convinced that the Babadook is the creature he dreamed of. His hallucinations are getting out of hand and he is becoming more unpredictable and violent. Amelia, really afraid of her son’s behavior, ดูหนังออนไลน์ is forced to medicate him. But when Amelia begins to see a glimpse of a sinister presence around her, she slowly realizes that what Samuel has warned her can be real. She was not the favorite to play “Carrie Creepy”, but it is impossible to imagine anyone other than Sissy Spacek (he seems to have entered the 70’s from another time) on paper.

Pasolini provokes a complete absence of pleasure in this disturbing portrait of a society that has gone to dogs. Martin Scorsese is a huge admirer of director Ari Aster, who has made some of the most impressive and disturbing films I have ever seen with his two debut horror films, Hereditary and Midsommar. We don’t want to give away too much, but Toni Collette lives up to the movie as a family matriarch. Let’s say something goes wrong and the characters become mental in a very clear way. In an essay, Scorsese hereditaryly called the scenes “disturbing to the point of being uncomfortable,” and once he sees the movie, he certainly won’t disagree.

Unfortunately, horror movies were unpredictable until Ridley Scott happily came up with the idea of terrorizing people in space. Alien tells the story of the futuristic ship Nostromo, which lands on a foreign planet and the small crew finds some strange events, including dripping eggs filled with terrifying little creatures. Jack’s son Danny is gifted with “the bright one” and can see all the evil and horror the Overlook Hotel has to offer.

He is infinitely parodied and the career of director M Night Shyalaman has since disappeared seriously. But The Sixth Sense brought ghostly chills to an approving mass audience. Even now it feels bad to reveal the twist the movie is built in, so we don’t. Suffice it to say that the power of the film stems from the ultimately sharp and extremely strange study of pain and its consequences. Child star Haley Joel Osment (what happened to him?) plays a child who can see and speak the dead (“I see dead people” now with “I have what he has” in the pantheon of the film quote), while Bruce Willis plays the psychologist trying to diagnose his condition . It is very effective because Shyalaman succeeds in revealing the truth very late and, more importantly, making him feel credible when he does.