30 Most Powerful Private Security Companies In The World

Today, Brink’s is widely known for its cash management services, mainly because of its armored vehicle fleet serving governments, banks, mints and other high priority institutions. A sister group, Brink’s Home Security, represents almost 15% of Brink’s annual income. G4S, based in Crawley, England, is a multinational security company with more than 620,000 security professionals worldwide.

The company has always been a pioneer among security companies in the United States and very profitable. In 2011, the former ADT Corporation recorded an estimated 6.4 million global customers and annual sales in excess of $ 3.1 billion. Vindico Protection Service Inc. offers affordable and effective private guards or patrol services in the south … Grace Security Consultants provides contract security services to companies, companies and organizations, including armed and unarmed individuals …

Matrix USA specializes in executive protection, convoy, personnel … The Australian company Unity Resources Group was founded in 2000 and although its personnel are largely anti-powered, the company’s headquarters are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Unity Resources Group offers crisis, risk, security, logistics, aviation, executive and medical services. Unity Resources Group offers event security, high-risk security, asset security and protection and more. In 2007, some of its agents were involved in a controversial incident in Baghdad that killed two civilians, but the company defended the behavior of its employees.

CACI employs more than 19,000 people worldwide, a large majority of whom are directly involved in issues related to global threats and the willingness of the United States military to address such events. In 2017, the company generated sales of $ 4.35 billion and became a primary contender among other private security companies in the United States. Founded in 1946, DynCorp initially started as an airline company and later as a private military contractor. Today it offers a range of services including flight operations support, intelligence training and support, security and emergency operations, etc. The company receives more than 96% of its US government’s annual revenue of $ 3 billion.

Pro-Serve Protection Services provides private security services and patrol services. PSG is a comprehensive security company and can assist you with all your security needs, including uniformed officers, mobile patrols and … First Line Security Services provides concierge security services most armed and unarmed professional security officers in the state of Colorado … What are the leading security companies in the industry this year?? In our fourteenth annual list, we describe the security officer and human resources who are the largest in the US.

Booz Allen Hamilton’s service areas include engineering, management advice and technology, but he also acts as a defense contractor. British private security firm Erinys International has a central office in Cyprus, as well as branches in the United Kingdom, South Africa and the Democratic Republic and the Republic of Congo. The company operates within the markets for mineral, oil and gas extraction, public and NGOs, and also has an infrastructure development department. In each of these areas, it helps customers appreciate the risks they may face, regardless of how ‘the environment is remote and challenging’.Erinys International was released in 2001 by former British soldier Jonathan Garratt. Erinys South Africa was added in 2002 and the company has been present in various locations in Africa and the Middle East. In 2003, the company partnered with the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, where it trained a 16,000-strong “Oil Protection Force” and supplied 282 locations.

ProtectionSolutions is a security company that provides on-call services, executive protection, armed escorts, intelligence agencies and … AP Safety & Security Corp. is a small local veteran women’s company specializing in providing high-quality security services … When large companies around the world started working in lesser-known areas in the 1990s, Control Risks focused on the development of its intelligence and research services. International Intelligence Limited is a British company that focuses on counter-espionage and investigations. It was founded in 2002 by former British assistant to the Alex Bomberg royal family.

This year it was announced that it will support the integration of ThreatQ with MITRE, ATT & CK PRE-ATT & CK and Mobile Matrices. This facilitates a comprehensive and shared understanding between teams and technologies that allow faster responses when a threat occurs. Zimperium, the world leader in mobile device and application security, provides real-time protection on the device against Android and iOS threats. With mobile devices, the de facto platform for productivity in business, with all the information from a traditional endpoint (p. E.g., desktop and laptop computers), organizations are beginning to understand that these devices are an unprotected endpoint. One of the few globally recognized cyber security and privacy solution providers that offer a unique supplier approach to organizations, A-LIGN has the ability to partner with small businesses with the largest companies in the world. United Paramount Security is a renowned security company engaged in all kinds of security and for the time we are in this industry we have become a recognized winner in manned security services…

Carbon Black, the new public endpoint security company, uses big data and analysis to defend itself. The endpoint security company’s CB Predictive Security Cloud platform can offer a new generation of cloud-based security solutions to companies that can protect against advanced threats. The cloud platform applies big data analysis to all endpoints within an organization and makes predictions that protect current and future attacks. The Bestworth Security Guard in New York City helps companies and individuals meet their challenges by combining technology and personnel to provide the maximum protection and peace of mind offered by superior service and operational excellence. Bestworth Guard Services is licensed by the New York State Department of Licenses to provide security services and patrols in New York State.