19 Steps To A Successful Silent Auction

For the silent auction of the festival of trees, they collected used artificial Christmas trees long before the event. Then they had various organizations in the area that decorated them before they were for sale. It can be difficult to put a price tag on auctionable items, especially if the item is priceless. In order to place an open bid for a silent auction, you must first check whether the item was donated or whether it is a consignment item. For donated items, the opening offer can be 30% -40% of the market value.

A case should be prepared to carry the delicate paper and a hanging pen for easy writing. Additional auction items may also become available at the last minute, so additional blank copies of the offer sheets should be printed. It is best if a lawyer reviews your auction rules and adds all the legal aspects that you consider necessary for your protection. Since it does not take much time, most lawyers will donate their services for this purpose, so ask to have a donation receipt on hand.

Common formats that we have seen are a structure of U-shaped tables, as well as longer silent auction tables that span an entire hallway of the place . Imagine how a concept or theme can help generate interest for your silent auction items. Instead of listing dinners for two, limousine rentals and symphony tickets separately, you should make a greater impact with an exciting “memorable” item. Silent auctions are more profitable if there are no closing times for guests. Difficult closing times can encourage the unwanted behavior of the sniper, which is waiting until the last moment of an auction before bidding.

If you are auctioning cargo items, the opening bid may be 10-20% higher than the market value. When the silent online auction ends, announce the winners and deliver the items to you as soon as possible. Remember to thank all bidders and create an impact report on your website or event page. On your silent online auction day, post about it on social media and send reminders to bidders to start bidding.

The sale of auction items does not have to be the only source of money in a silent auction. You can use other strategies to collect more of them, as not all of your guests have won items or placed bids. Other additional strategies for making money are a live call, where donations are asked directly, a raffle is held or goods are sold. The general rule in a silent auction is that no more than one item per two people should participate in the event.

You don’t have to have them all backed up to share them – you can always add more as soon as they come in. This will help build excitement, publicize the auction, entice people to sign up, and help them plan what they want to bid for. After completing the bid, copy all the bid sheets, circle the winning bid and leave a copy next to the auction item. We have developed groundbreaking silent bidding and auction programs that are changing the donor experience.

A silent auction is an inexpensive but profitable way to raise money for a charity or non-profit organization. Items in silent auctions are also donated, but usually less important things such as gift cards, jewelry or small electronic devices. In a silent auction, bidders write their bids on paper lists next to each item instead of bidding in a group. Some silent auctions put items on a table and include a description of the item and an offer sheet.

Get creative when ordering prizes – from spa day to boiler service to karate classes to help IT experts. Unlike a raffle, where prizes are usually awarded according to luck, a silent auction can only offer items that meet your needs. The main difference between live and silent auctions is the absence of auctioneers. In your rules, silent auction ideas keep in mind that all sales are final, and items are sold unchanged. Let the bidders know that you have to pay on the spot and pick up your things before you leave. Explain that if the winner does not receive the acquisition, the item will become the property of the organization – even if the bidder pays for the item.

Applying the Silent auction rules is a great way to increase bids and increase bids by showing your progress towards a fundraising goal. Whether your goal is big or small, a vision will inspire people to give more to make sure you are fully funded at the end of your event. It is important that guests have a certain, predetermined period during which they can make offers. This creates a sense of urgency and ensures that guests place bids for items they are interested in. Organizers often have a question about whether the retail value of the item is displayed on the offer sheet or not.

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